Monday, January 2, 2017

Spritz Color on Good Thymes D1717 and other stamps.

I like the spritz technique. I used it on there lovely leaves. I created my own spritz with 3 re-inker colors; Blossom , Crystal Blue and Tangerine. Using the Close to My Heart spray pens - Z1380 that come in a package of 3, I put about 6 drops of re-inker in until it was level with the first line in the pen. I then filled the pen with water. 
I took a 3 x 3 acrylic block and spritzed the 3 colors in different areas of the block. Spritz enough to cover the area, but not enough to make it run. Then turn the block over and 'stamp' it on the paper. Press down firmly and count to 10 so the color is absorbed into the paper. Let the paper dry. Once it is dry, stamp the image over the spritzed area.

 Blossom , Crystal Blue and Tangerine sprays where spritzed on the acrylic block and then stamped on the white paper. Once dried The Parsley stamp from the Good Thymes D1717 stamp set was the stamped in black.

These stamps are from the Adore You S1701 stamp of the month for January set. The heart behind the cutout heart is from the new Basic Hearts Z3317 Thin Cuts Dies.
 Here the spritzes were used on the square paper. The heart background was created by stamping Blossom , Crystal Blue and Tangerine ink pads on areas of the 3 x 3 acrylic block. Stamp lightest color to darkest so you do not contaminate the stamp pad with a darker color. Once the colors or on the block, spritz the block lightly with water. Again you want to cover the block with water but not so much that it runs. Turn the block over and stamp it on white paper. Press hard so the color spreads and absorbs into the paper. Once the paper is dry, stamp the image. The re-inker spritz created a finer dot background, more spread out. With the ink pad on the block you see more droplets on the block. I like the difference in the 2 techniques.

 Here the 4 leaves are from the Lovely Leaves A1195 stamp set over the spritzed bakground.
I used the Thoughtful Flowers S1612 Stamp Set of the month from December for this card with the spritzed bckground.

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