Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Spritzed Lovely Leaves-A1195

I like the spritz acrylic block technique. I used it on these lovely leaves. I used 3 re-inker colors; Blossom , Crystal Blue and Tangerine. Using a 3 x 3 acrylic block I patted on the 3 ink colored from the ink pad. I tried not to over lap the colors so I would not contaminate the ink pads. I then took one of the Close to My Heart spray pens - Z1380  and filled it with water. I spritzed water on the acrylic block with the ink on it. You want to cover the block but not make it so wet the water runs. Now use the inked and spritzed block and stamp it on the paper. Make sure to press down on the block and watch the water and ink spread out onto the paper.  It may take a couple of tries to get the look you want. Do not give up. Let the paper dry and then ink up your stamp and stamp the design over the spritzed paper. I my example below the lower left corner did not get fully covered with ink , but I like the way it looks a little rough with the other areas looking smooth. 

Here is the assembled card with the spritzed paper.
Spray Pen - Z1380

Lovely Leaves - A1195

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